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When I receive a picture message and it has multiple recipients. If I don't pay attention when replying, it replies to the original sender plus anyone they sent it to. I spent an hour getting bombarded with "who are you" texts. I finally got tired and started replying "im the guy who just got all your passwords you had on your phone" or "all that matters is I know who you are" or even "seven days"

Airfare booked for Mff, I put that 25$ insurance on my tickets as if the installers aren't done I wont be able to go no big thing if not as conventions don't pay my bills.

don't step in the boo boo!

Floyd and I went to FA:U 4,I debuted preacher wolf http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5793434/#cid:42418516 and even though I wasn't wearing a con badge identifying me as preacher someone called out "hey preacher!!" that was cool. I also got called a coyote,a wild dog but not a drunken asshole! even though I was loaded and did psycho suit the dance for like 3 hours straight friday night! I think the only reason that I go to cons now is just to dance and suit and to dance while in suit! I did totally and properly fag up the place with my lil' wolf backpack I was wearing while in suit.I ran into a few people and they were like "how fucking tall are you???" I guess the suit makes me look really tall? either way I had a really good time.

oh well I never made it to my property ended up asleep on the sofa with the TV watching me.

brought to you by bro incorporated

Anthrocon has come and gone. as always its a fucking blast! nothing too overtly exciting happened. I psycho suited a whole fuckton this year by myself.  working out ,eating properly and exercise has helped me a great deal on the endurance levels. I also debuted AA Hyena  http://www.flickr.com/photos/eps_ham/4731808135/in/pool-anthrocon this year, he was very well received. I did a lot of dancing in suit,I like going to the dances in suit and just crusing around the dealers den,art show etc. I mean where else can you suit without having to worry about what others will think of it? the better part is that its expected that people will be in suit.
I met and danced with Jake Greystripes at the fursuit 80's themed music dance, he was a dancing Jackal machine! Overall I did what I planned to do... suit,suit and suit some more with no real intentions of trying to meet up with anyone,I figured I would run into those that I should meet and I did, I met Moth the Hyena, her and I suited together and hung out together, a big hunk of warm goes out to Floyd for letting her use his skunk suit hindpaws. I didn't do any industrial drinking either which was odd...well save for the bottle of Vodka I brought with me and was nipping at all day and night. overall I just had a killer time at AC this year. I got two badge commissions done for the AA Hyena, I'm still a cougar to the bone though but playing a hyena with a drinking problem is fun... or is it a cougar with a drinking problem?

I'm now in the process of washing the fursuits, man that is a pain in the tail!! well the hanging them up to dry carefully part is at least.
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